The Embracing Wellness Mission

Embracing Wellness’s mission is to educate and  motivate individuals to personally take responsibility for managing the health and well being for themselves and their family. To  advocate change and to become an ally with the client with professionalism, passion, confidence, and humility. To make the client feel more energized and confident in all areas of life.  To create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible, fun and relaxing.

WHAT is a wellness coach’s responsibility?

Knowing what to do and how to make it happen in our ongoing busy lives is quite challenging.  It is the wellness coach’s focus to understand the client’s unique desires, motivators and challenges to most efficiently help the client set reasonable, appropriate and achievable goals.

Your Wellness Coach
Lisa Overcash


Lisa’s compassion and honesty can propel the client beyond their current state of wellness. Non-judgmental guidance sessions with discussions of accountability will connect the client to their wellness intentions.  Lisa and the client function as a team working together on the same side. It is the wellness coach’s responsibility to inform the client when he/she is not following the outlined program as well as acknowledging successes and accomplishments.  You can count on Lisa to help your wellness hopes and dreams to become a reality.

Learn more about the recent Children’s Book Lisa wrote about a delightful Yorkshire Terrier puppy and how she tells her story of being chosen from her litter mates to go to her new family. She shares her unique adventures.