Lisa Watts Overcash


School of Intuitive Studies   Boulder, CO                                                                                         Intuitive Healer Training Program 2023

International School of the Healing Arts   Port Charlotte, FL
Regenerative Detoxification Specialist 2022

Isla Verde Spa Training Academy   Bouquete, Panama                                                                      Thai Reflexology Massage 2022

Birth Arts International School     Reidsville,  NC                                                                      Postpartum Doula Training 2019

Riverview Spa Yoga and Ayurveda   Buckingham,  VA                                                                        Thai Yoga Bodywork 2 Certification 2018

Integral Yoga Academy, Satchidananda Ashram      Buckingham, VA                                       Registered Yoga Teacher – 500                  Yoga Teacher Certification  2011                                        Refresh & Renew Your Yoga Practice & Your Student’s Practice  2014`                                        Intermediate Yoga Certification   2015         Thai Yoga Bodywork 1 Certification  2016                  Restorative Yoga Certification  2018                                                                                                  Yoga of the Heart: Cardiac, Cancer & Other Life-Threatening Diseases Certification 2019

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,  School of Arts of Sciences   Chapel Hill, NC            Master’s Degree Recreation Administration – Therapeutic Recreation  1984

North Carolina State University, School of Forest Resources     Raleigh, NC                               Bachelor of Science Recreation Resources Management – minor in Institutional & Special Populations Recreation  1983

Work Experience                                                                                                                                  Wellness Coach 2005 – Present  Assist individuals & small groups to attain & maintain utmost highest personal level of mind, body and spirit wellness.  Assessment, goal setting, implementation, documentation, evaluation. Yoga, aerobics, weight training, meditation, relaxation, food plans, anger management, interpersonal skill development. Ages 14 and up.

Duke University Medical Center Outpatient Adolescent Psychiatry and Chemical Dependence                 Recreation Therapist     Sept 1989 – March 1991     Develop, manage and implement comprehensive therapeutic recreation services for outpatient treatment program.  Plan, implement and evaluate therapeutic recreation programs.  Treatment team, patient and family counseling & education, clinical and departmental documentation. Ages 9 to 18.

Duke University Medical Center Inpatient Psychiatry Department Clinical Specialties Unit                      Recreation Therapist        Oct 1987 – Sept 1989         Develop, manage and  implement comprehensive therapeutic recreation services for inpatient treatment programs focusing on Eating Disorders, Chemical Dependency and Chronic Pain.  Plan, implement and evaluate recreation programs. Treatment team, patient & family counseling and education, clinical and department documentation.  Train therapeutic recreation interns.  Worked with ages 8 and up.

Alcohome Incorporated – Charlotte Treatment Center           Charlotte, NC                          Recreation Therapist      March 1987 – Oct 1987     Develop, manage and implement comprehensive therapeutic recreation services for chemical dependency hospital.  Plan, implement, and evaluate therapeutic recreation programs.  Treatment team, patient & family counseling and education, clinical and departmental documentation.  Worked with 16 and up.

Hospital Corporation of America- Sun Valley Regional Hospital   El Paso, Texas                              Recreation Therapist   May 1986 – Feb 1987         Develop, manage and implement  comprehensive therapeutic recreation services for acute inpatient psychiatric & chemical dependency hospital.  Plan, implement and evaluate therapeutic recreation programs.  Supervision, treatment team, patient counseling & education, clinical & departmental documentation. Worked with ages 13 and up.

Comprehensive Care Corporation -Alamance County Hospital-Adolescent Care Unit Burlington, NC    Recreation  Therapist (Director)  Nov 1985 –April 1986    Develop, manage and  implement comprehensive therapeutic recreation program for inpatient psychiatric & chemical dependency unit.  Budgeting, purchasing, receiving, treatment team, patient & family counseling & education, clinical & departmental documentation.  Worked with ages 12 to 19.

Southern Virginia Mental Heath Institute       Danville, VA                                                         Recreation Therapist       April 1985 – Nov 1985              Develop, coordinate and manage comprehensive therapeutic recreation services for inpatient psychiatric unit.  Plan, implement and evaluate therapeutic recreation programs.  Treatment team, patient counseling & education, clinical & departmental documentation  Worked with ages 18 and up.

Rockingham Community College                           Wentworth, NC                                                     Academic/Occupational Instructor June 1985 – April 1986  Instruct therapeutic recreation classes.

Broughton Hospital                                                        Morganton, NC                                                     Graduate Internship In Psychiatry          Sept 1984 – Dec 1984        Acute psychiatric unit, adult mental retardation unit, and chronic schizophrenic.  Worked with ages 18 and up.

Durham County General Hospital                             Durham, NC                                                          Practicum Student in psychiatric unit      Jan 1984 – May 1984      Therapeutic recreation activities, treatment team and group therapy.  Worked with ages 12 and up.

North Carolina Memorial Hospital                            Chapel Hill, NC                    Graduate Assistantship       Aug 1983 – Aug 1984       Coordinator of Hospital’s Evening Recreational Activities and Special Events. Supervised volunteers. Worked with ages 12 and up.         Undergraduate Internship in Pediatric Recreation Therapy  May 1983 – Aug 1983       Assessment, group play, one-to-one interaction, pre-operative teaching, leisure education, sensory stimulation and recreational activities.    Worked with ages birth to 18.

Partner’s Associations                                                         Raleigh, NC                             Mentoring relationship    May 1982 – May 1983    Shared time, counseled, and guided a young teen (13) girl in the “at risk” legal court system program.

Dorothea Dix Hospital       Oct 1982 – Feb 198                  Raleigh, NC                      Practicum student           Patient recreational activities, physical fitness, assessment and treatment planning.  Worked age 14 and up.

Governor Moorehead School for the Blind  Jan 1982 – June 1982      Raleigh, NC                   Practicum Student       Recreation leadership and programming.  Planned and conducted regular and special events.  Worked with ages 9 to 19.

Spa Health Club           Feb 1981 – Feb 1982                             Raleigh, NC                      Counsel physical fitness and teach aerobics.      Ages16 and up.

Mayview Convalescent Center alescent Center    July 1981- Dec 1981                               Raleigh, NC  Planned and conducted recreation programs.  Leadership responsibilities.  Worked with the physically handicapped and elderly.


National Council for Therapeutic Recreation  –  Professional Level   TRS                        Advanced Water Safety & Lifesaving /Lifeguard                                                                National Aerobic Instruction                                                                                                  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)                                                                                  Zumba Instructor                                                                                                                      Yoga Instructor