Postpartum Doula


Mother of 4 & Grandmother of 2

What Does a Postpartum Doula Do?

Postpartum doulas go into the home and mother the mothers that recently had a baby. They help with breastfeeding, newborn care and instruction, mother care, offer resources and give general family and household support. Here are some of the advantages gained by the use of postpartum doula:

  • Help with care of the mother and increase breastfeeding success
  • Reduced chance of infant dehydration and hospitalization with health complications due to informed care
  • Less chance of maternal postpartum depression and shorter duration and easier for mother to cope with if it occurs
  • Less maternal exhaustion, frustration, and apprehension during early weeks
  • Reduction in unnecessary calls to pediatricians
  • Dad back to work sooner with less anxiety
  • Greater understanding of newborn emotional and physical needs and behavior
  • More independent control of baby’s care in the face of overbearing relatives and advice given due to education and early positive experience
  • Earlier bonding due to more confidence
  • Positive, uplifting and constructive help

They also nurture the mother so she can better nurture the baby. In addition they perform other tasks such as cooking, cleaning, giving baby care tips, demonstrating baby baths, swaddling techniques, advice on sleeping issues for mom and baby, go with mom on first car trip to the store alone with baby, special help with postpartum depressed moms, practical help with multiple births, errands, helps mom get through new life experience challenges. setting up the nursery and much more, depending on individual situations.

Cost – $50.00/hr  (sliding scale upon request)