Wellness Coaching

A Wellness Coach works with individuals or groups who want to make changes in their lifestyle to optimize their health and well being. The goal is to facilitate the promotion of healthy behavior and the attainment of personal health goals.  This type of coaching specifically concentrates on the present and future concerns along with the goals of the client through a partnership between two people: the coach and the client. The role of a coach is to empower their client by recognizing and facilitating the client’s true potential to create their desired life. It is the discovery of their soul’s true essence path for themselves through an assessment of asking discerning questions reworking desires into requests for action.  Through this coaching relationship the client willingly commits to be accountable with the coach in order to implement the changes they want in their life. There is an active and directive role fostering lifestyle improvement and greater levels of wellness. The ultimate goal of wellness coaching is to focus on lifestyle changes that align with a more satisfying and healthful life. A Wellness Coach is an advocate for your health, helping you to be the best version of yourself with support for positive growth and improvement.