My Story

I serve others as a Wellness Coach, Yoga and Fitness Instructor, Thai Yoga Practi​ti​oner and published author of “My Fur-ever Family” children’s book and Spanish version “Mi Familia para Siempre.” Daily I help others identify in their life ways they can improve their life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and live their best life possible. When we feel good about our lives we want others to feel good in their lives. I have a passion to share my joy for living and help others find their joy. For every hour paid, I give away an hour. For every book purchased, I give away a book. And why do I do this… make it possible for those that want these types of mind, body, health modalities yet can’t afford to do so. I know what it feels like to be knocked off your game and to try to climb back on top. I have multiple sclerosis, but it does not have me. I choose each day to rise above the obstacles that this brings. Though life can be pretty tough at times, I choose to rise above the challenges!  I have also had to learn to live with chronic back pain and multiple back surgeries as well as multiple hip replacements due to being born with hip dysphasia. I have seen the inside of an ambulance three times when the replaced hip dislocated and once the hip dislocation forced me to crawl from outside to inside the house to find a phone to dial 911. I choose to be the best person I can be. I choose to make a difference in ways that I can. My faith is my strength. It seems that I attract people that would like my help. I help them by sharing my experiences, my strength and guiding them in ways to help them be the best person they can be.
I serve my community in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, schools and churches as a Therapy Dog team with my Golden Retriever, River. He is also my Service Dog. He helps me navigate the multiple sclerosis symptoms especially balance, anxiety and fatigue.  My first official Therapy Dog was a Yorkshire Terrier, Promise.  She was also my Emotional Support Dog. This little Yorkie helped me by sharing her unconditional love and loyalty during the tough out of my control medical challenges and was the inspiration that sparked the children’s book, “My Fur-ever Family.” This book is narrated from her puppy voice. The puppy describes what occurred the day she was adopted into her fur-ever family. This true story explains the adventures that the puppy goes through and what she observes around her. The puppy longs to be loved and given a special name. The book is filled with unconditional love, fun, family and faith. It has application for adoption of the two legged kind as well as the four legged kind. When I do signings I include my signature and the actual paw print signature of the dog. I wish you much love, joy, peace, light and hope! God bless you!