Fitness Planning

A fitness program defines your exercise program, setting your personal fitness goals and then executing your plan.  A decision is made to take an active approach to your personal fitness and begin a fitness program.   Next, the best way to go about implementing your fitness program is discussed then your plan and personal goals are defined.  There are many different types of fitness exercises in which you can choose to participate, i.e. dancing, weight training, martial arts, aerobics, yoga, biking, jogging, swimming, calisthenics, climbing etc.

Development of a personal fitness program. The fitness program is specifically tailored to meet your fitness goals.  For instance, a person’s goals maybe to train for improving a sport, simply improving their general level of fitness or to move more freely and with greater ease in their activities of daily living.

Fitness Elements:

  1. Cardiovascular/Aerobic Conditioning
  2. Strength Training and Muscular Development
  3. Stretching – Muscle, Ligament, and Tendons
  4. Core Stability

Support and encouragement are given to help maintain an individual’s motivation towards a healthy and fit lifestyle.