Food Planning

An assessment is taken of your current eating style then discussed for ways of creating a more healthy nutrient dense eating plan.  A healthy eating plan gives your body the essential nutrients it needs every day while staying within an individual’s ideal body weight.  Guidance and assistance is given in adopting a high-nutrient eating style to achieve or restore the body to excellent health.  Following this type of food plan makes it easy to attain substantial weight loss and maintain it forever.  Your personal desires are discussed and goals are created.  Specific action steps are given to achieve these goals.  A healthy eating plan will lower your risk for many health conditions, diseases and chronic illnesses.

In weight loss and weight maintenance, it is all about calories in and calories out along with the energy expended through movement.


Support, motivation and accountability are given as needed.

Powerful Nutritional & Energy Smoothie  ~ can be used as a meal replacement