My Fur-Ever Family Children’s Book

A litter of Yorkshire Terrier puppies are ready to be adopted.  The puppies are concerned about leaving their siblings and Big Daddy.  One puppy shares her experiences in being chosen to go home with a new family.  She gives a descriptive account of her adventures with her new family and what she observes around her.  She learns that she has a new Mommy, Daddy and four human sisters.  She longs to be loved and to be given a special name. A fun true story of love, joy, peace, hope and faith.  Also teaches importance of healthy daily routines and Godly character traits: unconditional love, compassion, persistence, cooperation, gentleness, patience, self-control and prayer.

Part of the proceeds are donated to charities that are helping animals in need.

To explore the book more go to My Fur-ever Family Facebook Page.

You may buy the book on Amazon: My Fur-Ever Family     in Spanish: Mi Familia para Siempre (Spanish Edition)   or directly from Lisa at or call 919-308-8889.  I am happy to sign the book and have the Yorkshire Terrier give her paw print signature if you like.

Book Review and Recent Giveaway on KSANAM 1150: “ I’ll be giving away a really cool Children’s book tomorrow (Saturday) morning at 7:30 on Puffman Sports Trivia. The book is, “My Fur-ever Family,” & I LOVE the title & the cute little puppy on the cover! “My Fur-ever Family” was written by Lisa Overcash & beautifully illustrated by Julie Anderson. In the book, a shy Yorkshire Terrier puppy is ready to be adopted. She’s a little afraid to leave her brothers & sisters, until a sweet mommy with a happy voice cuddles her & takes her home. The puppy (the protagonist for you older folks) learns that she has a big new family with 4 human sisters! As she begins her new adventure, she longs to be loved & to be given a very special name. At long last, I’m FINALLY giving away a book in which I know all the words & can fully understand. I just knew this day would come! Check this little gem out email Lisa at: There are some GOOD life lessons in here for all of us too. To make things even EASIER on myself, I’ve come up with a sports trivia question that can be answered simply with a true or false. How’s that! See you Saturday morning on Puffman Sports Trivia or as the cute little puppy says on the cover of Lisa’s & Julie’s book, “Woof, Woof.”       Jerry Puffer, Online Radio Broadcaster